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Sichuan wet mixed masonry mortar

简介—— What is Chengdu Ready-mixed mortar?Sichuan wet mix masonry mortar manufacturers for your answer。Ready-mixed mortar refers to a variety of mortar mixes produced by specialized manufacturers and used in construction projects

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What isChengdu premixed mortar?Sichuan wet mix masonry mortar manufacturers for your answer。

Ready-mixed mortar refers to a variety of mortar mixes produced by specialized manufacturers and used in construction projects. It is a new building material developed in recent years in our country. It can be divided into ordinary ready-mixed mortar and special mortar according to its properties。

In the early 1950s, European countries began mass production and the use of ready-mixed mortar, which has a history of more than 50 years。Domestic developed areas such as Shanghai and Changzhou have developed rapidly。At the same time, many cities are also gradually banning on-site mixing mortar and promoting the use of ready-mixed mortar。The advantages are health and environmental protection, stable quality, energy saving and comfort。

Mortar classification:

Ordinary mortar mainly includes masonry mortar, plastering mortar and ground mortar。Masonry mortar and plastering mortar are mainly used for laying and plastering various concrete bricks, fly ash bricks and clay bricks in load-bearing walls and non-load-bearing walls, and ground mortar is used for ground leveling in ordinary and special occasions。

Special mortar including thermal insulation mortar, decorative mortar, self-leveling mortar, waterproof mortar, etc., its use is also diverse, widely used in building external wall insulation, interior decoration repair。

Appearance inspection shall be carried out on the entry of ready-mixed mortar, and comply with the following provisions:

① Wet mixed mortar should be uniform in appearance, without segregation and bleeding phenomenon;

② dry mixed mortar in bulk should have uniform appearance, no caking, moisture phenomenon;

(3) Bag dry mixed mortar should be packaged completely, without moisture phenomenon。

The above introduction to Chengdu ready-mixed mortar is here, more content, please pay attention to the company's website, Sichuan Construction Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in Chengdu wet mixed mortar production, sales and transportation, my company has a professional team, and mature technology, rich experience!

Chengdu wet mix mortar

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