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Floating floor insulation system

简介—— Floating floor insulation and sound insulation system (Chengdu gypsum self-leveling insulation and sound insulation mortar) : gypsum based self-leveling mortar and highly flexible bonding mortar composed of floor heating system, can solve the current domestic floor heating system

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Floating floor insulation sound insulation system (Chengdu gypsum self-leveling insulation sound insulation mortar) :
The floor heating system composed of gypsum based self-leveling mortar and high flexible bonding mortar can solve the problems of cement mortar cracking, low thermal conductivity and easy damage of hot water pipes in the current domestic floor heating system。It uses the whole ground as a cooling surface to evenly radiate heat to the room, compared with air conditioning, radiator, fireplace and other heating methods with thermal comfort, heat balance and stability, energy saving, maintenance free and other characteristics。In addition, as a floor heating system, the porosity of the gypsum material itself can play a role in sound insulation and heat preservation。Gypsum based self-leveling mortar has low density and can reduce the bearing mass of buildings. It is a green and energy-saving product。



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