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What are the technical requirements of premixed mortar in construction?

Author: admin Date: 2018/12/25 Attention: Qr code sharing

Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, there are also many new products in the building materials industry, and Chengdu ready-mixed mortar is one of them。So my friends, you know what technical requirements pre-mixed mortar has in construction?Let's take a look at it。

1, the variety of ready-mixed mortar selection should be determined according to the requirements of design, construction, etc。

2, different varieties, specifications of ready-mixed mortar should not be mixed。

3. Before construction, the construction unit shall prepare the construction plan according to the design and engineering requirements and the product specification of ready-mixed mortar, and shall carry out construction according to the construction plan。

4, pre-mixed mortar construction, the construction environment temperature should be 5℃ ~ 35℃。When the temperature is lower than 5 ° C or higher than 35 ° C, measures should be taken to ensure the quality of the project。Pre-mixed mortar construction should not be carried out under the open air environmental conditions of wind, rainy and snowy days greater than or equal to grade 5。

5, the construction unit should establish the self-inspection, mutual inspection and full-time personnel inspection system of each process, and should have a complete construction inspection record。

6. Compressive strength and solid tensile bond strength shall be evaluated according to the acceptance batch。

In summary, the above is about the technical requirements for the construction of premixed mortar in Chengdu, do you remember all my friends?For more information, please pay attention to this site, we will continue to update。

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